Touchstone Writing Moments

Much of what I do is centered around writing; I love it. As an aspiring English teacher and possible author, I understand what an important role it plays for both jobs. There were key moments in my life in which I go back to whenever I’m writing a new piece of literature or my next analysis/ research paper. These are my touchstone moments.

Free Writing

When I was in elementary school, there was a magical moment in each day known as “free time”. It was the highlight of every child’s day, including myself. During “free time” we were given the freedom to do whatever we liked, so long as it was productive. To me, it meant I was able to write. This was where my passion for writing blossomed. During these brief breaks, I came up with short and imaginative stories. While they were far from polished, they were able to show me what it meant to be creative and how to push the boundaries of reality. Now, whenever I write anything in the creative sphere, I look back to how the stories that came from “free time” made me feel. This keeps my current writing a live and spunky, always keeping my attention, and never leaving me bored.


I was first introduced to research papers in my Freshman year of high school. When I was first given the assignment, I felt like I was shadowed beneath a frightening cloud of tasks and responsibility—I didn’t have the slightest clue on how to go about creating a research paper well, let alone effectively. And I wasn’t given the help I needed until my Junior year. My English teacher at the time showed me effective ways to create an outline and a first draft within thirty minutes. It was revolutionary. I still use those skills to this day, and often look back upon this moment whenever a new research project is assigned to me. Never again will I struggle.


As I mentioned previously, I have hopes to one day become published. This passion began in my childhood, but matured as I entered high school and met like-minded peers. One friend in particular (who is still very present in my life today) opened my eyes to the possibility of novels and extended stories. We were able to constantly bounce ideas off of one another and we pushed each other to succeed. This friend pushed me until I created the idea for my first novel (one that is still in the works, might I add). It is this moment that I look back to whenever I am starting to lose motivation on my work or what I look back to when I need a drastic amount of inspiration. This moment is what fuels my hopes of becoming published and reminds me to always create with the passion I felt in the initial moments my novel came to existence.

Of the many moments that have stood out to me as a writer, these are by far the most important. I will always look back to these to continue to inspire me as an author, and aid me in the struggle of being a student.






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