Blogging About Blogs?


Blogs…A word that cannot be pinned down to a singular topic. Blogs are expansive—ranging from puppies to prison. It is almost guaranteed that if can google a topic, there is likely a blog revolving around it. Of the blogs I looked into, I focused on ones that were relevant to myself or my hobbies. The varying topics of the blogs I chose were education, tattoos, and book reviews, all important things in my life.


Mike Rose, the author of “Why School” and long time professor, has his own blog focused on education. When reading his blog, it is clear he is targeting relatively educated adults as well as future educators (depending on the post you chose to read). This is modeled through his use of formal language as well as using current events in many of his posts. He seems to assume that those who read his blog are passionate about education (and all of the bells and whistles that go along with it)  and, should you read his political posts, seems to be quite against Trump, not that that is very surprising. He rises to meet these assumed views and expectations with the contents of his posts. I believe that Rose wants to be viewed as intelligent, well versed, and respected through experience.

Tattoos. Some people love them, and others hate them. Marisa Kakoulas, runs a well known tattoo blog in which she interviews big-name tattoo artists, all coming from varying styles and techniques. Her blog targets an audience not only interested in tattoos, but also wishing to learn the specific details of the work that the artists do.  This is shown through here constant interviews with successful professionals, backed by images of the art they create. Additionally she reports on large news events relating to tattoos in order to bring them to her audience and leave it open for discussion. I believe that Kakoulas wishes to be viewed as knowledgeable on her subject as well as informative to her readers.

I love Books—always have and always will. The final blog I looked at was run by an unnamed author, but the review base the blog has going is remarkably vast. This blog targets readers looking for genuine opinions on potential books to read. It is assumed that the audience is assumed to be readers. This blog meets this assumed views by solely focusing on reviewing books as well as interacting with its audience by taking in some recommendations to read next. I believe this author wants to have her voice heard and received in a respectful manor, regardless if the audience disagrees.

While all of the above blogs are vastly different, they are all people expressing their professional opinions about topics they seem very passionate and knowledgeable about. This makes me much more aware of what my goals need to be as a public author writing about education. I assume those who are interested in my blog are those looking to find an opinion about education from a student in training. In order to meet these expectations, I plan on being as honest with my readers about my own opinions regarding education.

Image Citation:

Yuma Ongology Center. “Blog.” Yuma Oncology Center, AdviceMedia, Mar. 6 2016,


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