Morning Pages: 1/26/2017; Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President,

In the recent election, you were brought into office as the next leader of America. That is a lot of weight to be put upon any person’s shoulders, but it’s your weight now. Of the many pressing issues circulating at the moment, one of the most important to me is education. Regardless of whether or not you agree or disagree with me, I can assume that you were educated through your youth, if not through higher education as well. This issue effects all American citizens, including yourself—you have to decide the future of our educational system.

You have to consider many things relating to this issue. It is important to bring enough funding into this aspect of American society that students in all public school districts across all levels on income receive enough resources to provide them with equal educations. It is a well known fact that our schools are underfunded. This must change. As president, you need to strive to make education a more pressing issue instead of brushing it aside and moving forward. Without education, this nation wouldn’t be half of what it is today. You wouldn’t be where you are without it, nor would I be where I am. Education fosters knowledge and the opportunity to better oneself and succeed. Yet, without proper funding, teachers across America will struggle to provide their students with the proper resources to improve themselves or rise them to their full potential.

While you may think I am making this about money, I am urging you to look beyond dollars. Yes, it does take money to aid in the success of a system, but the same is said about a successful business. This money is going to help the students—the future of America. They should be the focus of this issue. The future of this country needs to be set up for success, rather than failure. No school should struggle to afford the newest and most advanced textbooks for their students. No school should be forced to use outdated technology in a world that becomes more reliant on rapid advances in this field every day. These students require your help.

I ask that you consider the well being of the future of this country. I ask that you change a broken system. I ask that you look within yourself and think where you would be had you not had dedicated teachers in your youth, urging you to reach your highest potential.

So, Mr. President, where would you be without education?


A concerned student.



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