Morning Pages 1/31: Writing to be Heard

Writing is one of the most powerful things a person can do to be heard. A single post or tweet can suddenly go viral overnight, rocketing the moment of a  singular person onto the screen of hundreds of thousands of people. A book can become a nationwide best seller, impacting millions of lives. Writing is powerful. It can draw attention to the important issues facing the people on a daily basis—issues they may not even realize existed before reading a specific work.

As a future educator and writer, I have the power to create works that will open peoples eyes to the importance of a public education. I can help them see that it is more than learning simple algebraic formulas that seem to never have a purpose later in life. Because I will be right in the middle of public education, I will be able to see firsthand how students are impacted by what I teach and how that changes them into person capable working within a democracy. While I am a singular voice in a mass off many, I can write of the personal experiences I have with my students and show, through experience, how I have seen education impact their lives. Moreover, I can express how important it is to pay attention and fund education to make it capable that all students are given the same opportunities to succeed. Education needs not only to be equal, but also equitable. Without it, we will have an unequally educated society.

All voices have the right to be heard and through writing I hope my own will echo off the walls across this nation to bring attention the very important topic of public education in the United States.


3 thoughts on “Morning Pages 1/31: Writing to be Heard

  1. I like what you’re saying in your posts. You’re concerned with the cutting edge, making sure that you create a diverse learning profile in your classroom. I think that your future students are going to be lucky to have you, if you can keep this spirit alive and always strive to help everyone learn, as long as they’re willing to put in the work.


  2. Your insistence on writing as a powerful and even revolutionary tool is palpable, and we could really benefit from having more writers like you in the world. Owning up to the part you can play in the greater educational scheme in such a staunch way is fantastic, and it’s something that shouldn’t be as difficult to uncover from others as it seems nowadays. Keep pushing to make yourself known, and your future students will thank you.


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