The Unfamiliar Genre Project Proposal

  1. Which genre would you like to read and write in for your Unfamiliar Genre Project?
  2. What experiences, if any do you have with reading or writing in this genre?
  3. What do you already know about this genre?
  4. Why are you choosing this genre?
  5. What would you like to learn by studying this project?

1.) I would like to focus on Memoirs for my Unfamiliar Genre Project. I feel since this project is directed by several opinion based questions surrounding education, that a memoir of my own personal experiences as a students and the opinions I have developed thus far encompassing education, would be best suited by this format.

2.) I have attempted to write a memoir only once, for a current class of mine; I can’t say that it went smoothly. As far as reading goes, I have read a few memoirs in the past such as, A Million Little Pieces by James Frey, The Diary of Anne Frank, and A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah.

3.) I know this genre is focused around personal accounts. This causes the topics memoirs are written about to be very diverse (as it is often focused around previous events in an authors life).

4.) I am choosing this genre because it seems the most fitting genre to help me answer the questions that guide this project. (See the answer to question 1 for more).

5.) I would like to learn how to write a memoir without sounding pretentious or self absorbed. Also, I want to better learn how to show rather than tell in my writing—how to bring my reader right into the moment I was when my opinions formed. I want them to feel how I felt in my own experiences.


2 thoughts on “The Unfamiliar Genre Project Proposal

  1. I think that you make an awesome point about memoirs being well suited for the questions presented. It will be super cool to see you relate this to your own life. I think the only way memoirs can be successful is through vulnerability, so make sure you dig deep and really express yourself, painting that picture for the audience! I can’t wait to read it!


  2. Goal #5 is ROUGH. I just read a memoir and made it all the way through because there were some useful nuggets to take away, but, man, was it self-absorbed. Self-reflection is the key, I think.


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