A Letter to Me; Morning Pages 2/21

Dear me,

I want to mention that you’re really stuck right now. Like REALLY stuck. I mean you’re stuck to the point that you feel like your feet are in concrete and there is no way to move forward. But that’s okay. I think it’s part of the process (or at least I genuinely hope that it is). Maybe I should focus on what I’m writing right now, as far as this project goes, instead of focusing on how stuck you are. Really you haven’t started writing anything down, but you have been brainstorming, jotting little notes on scraps of paper when you can find them or when you actually feel a progression of ideas. That may not seem like much, but it is something. That’s how the writing process has always worked for you, so it’s obvious that you  aren’t doing nothing.

So you’re at the start of your process and I know you may be throwing you hands up in the air, or pulling at your own hair screaming, “WHEN WILL I GET THIS DONE???”, but that isn’t what’s important. What’s important is knowing that you’ve begun and that you aren’t sitting around doing absolutely nothing, though I’m sure it feels that way. You’re lacking motivation to actually write this stuff down. On a computer. Beyond those basic scraps of paper. I think your biggest problem is that you need help in starting. This doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s how you have always been when it comes to writing anything—even the stuff you do during your free time—the stuff you do for fun. So of course a school project is going to make you feel like you’re in an immovable pile of sludge. Overcoming your own wariness to write is the biggest step in this progress. This has always been your biggest problem and this project is no different. I know once you start there will be no stopping you from moving forward and getting through the rest of this project.

Hell, think of it more as a fun piece you’re writing rather than a school project, because really, it is much better than any school project that you’ve had to do in the past. This kills those dumb five paragraph essays you had to write in high school up to now. Yeah, you may not know how to do it as well as those, but I can say that you will be able to produce something good. You always do. You know you’re a good writer (you kind of need to be with the major you’ve chosen, right?).

Don’t doubt yourself so much  and just start writing.


The only positive side of you 😉


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