Aiding in the Flow

As I’ve been writing my memoir, I’ve been slowly learning to flow more, rather than just struggling to produce something  that’s halfway decent as I complain that I can’t do it. A recent comment on one of my blog posts told me that listening to one song over and over again can sometimes help get the ideas flowing. This lead to me searching other tips to help me

over come writers block, as i suffer from it horribly. Much of what it offers are general tips: go for a walk, read a book, take a break. If you’re anything like me, the last thing you think about as being helpful is just shoving off the responsibility to do something else, especially if you’re working against a deadline.

One of the tips I thought was really helpful was to write for about 15-30 minutes before bed to get the idea into your subconscious. I practiced this, and when I woke, I did find that I had new ideas to bring into my memoir the following day which has been helpful to my process.

Beyond that, I also attempted to follow the one song on repeat tip, and I did find it useful if I dedicated myself to a collection of songs within one genre like classical, etc. Just listening to one song over and over lead to me singing along rather than having the repetition melt into the background. One playlist in particular that helped me can be found here:Classical Music Playlist. Really, all of these things are just brief ways to help get me on the process of really working on my Unfamiliar genre project, they aren’t sure-fire methods to make me write. I know that all comes down to my own motivation and desire to write. This project will get done, it’s a matter of really digging into the flesh oft his project and make sure I finish it all off strong. If all goes to plan, I’ll push through my writers block, in the humorous spirit of Calvin and Hobbs, this memoir is going to get written, and I am going to have one hell of a project to present in about a week. This is, if all goes to plan…

It’s almost to the end of this project anyhow; off to finish this  with my new artillery of tools and techniques in hand and before I know it, I’m going to be done with all of this. Here we go…


2 thoughts on “Aiding in the Flow

  1. Writer’s block is the literal devil. I hate it so much, so I understand your pain. I think every single person on the planet does. It’s really good that you’re recognizing this problem now rather than later and are working to overcome it, and with a really creative method! I never would have thought about that one-song idea, but I’m really curious to try it out myself and see if that’ll help me better transition into the later parts of my own work. But you are totally right that this all boils down to your own personal desire to complete this and create something meaningful, and the fact that you are honing in on that speaks volumes to what your end product will be. Keep that conscientious mindset along with an open mind in order to really let those ideas flow through, and you’ll be able to finish this with no problems.

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