Morning Pages: 4/18; How Can I Use my Voice?

As I have discussed thus far, I have come across the question of how young teachers are meant to use their voices in a way that is both beneficial to them and to their schooling. I think it comes down to passion more than anything and the drive to cause action. You have to be motivated enough to want to cause change in the system you become a part of. Moreover, you have to understand how important your voice is, even if it feels like you’re one small piece in a sea of millions.

When thinking of how I can act as a leader within my own community or future communities, I think of becoming a part of a group that will allow me to send my voice farther out than I can alone. As an educator, I will be surrounded by like-minded individuals that can act as a support system for me. This sense of support can allow me to begin the process of joining/starting a movement. With enough voices, any message will gain the attention it deserves (be it good or bad really depends on what you are trying to say).

Beyond that, I also understand that my voice has limits. The world we live in has never been one that allows change easily. I understand that what I am trying to change or what I am attempting to say may face serious opposition at times. The key thing is to not get discouraged. My voice is stronger than I will ever assume it to be and when I band together with other voices, perhaps the voices of this new generation of teachers, we will be able to stand tall against the oppositions placed against us. We can make change happen. Anything is possible when you learn how to use your voice to advocate and lead people toward change.

I am strong. My voice is powerful. We have the capability to change what no longer works. I will go out and do.


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