My Type of Leadership

I recently took the Leadership Compass Self Assessment in order to determine what my specific leadership style was. Not surprisingly, two of the types tied: Analytical and Vision. These two leadership styles seem to conflict with one another, but it makes sense. I am both very creative and emotionally driven, while remaining detached and analytical of situations. It really all comes down to the situation in which I need to lead. I seem to take strengths from both; I am very dependable like an analytic think is described as, while often thinking and living in the future (this can often act as a hinderance however and I am working against it).

I do realize that I may appear cold and withdrawn, but I can also become very emotionally engaged. It all depends on the situation. Really, as much as this quiz was fun to take, I am not taking it very seriously. If I completely invested in the results of this test, I could close myself off to other leadership approaches. That would not only hinder myself, but also my coworkers and students because if I am hindered, I impact all those that I interact with.

I like to think of myself as flexible above all else. I have grown beyond my younger, closed-off mindsets and hopefully the resistance to other kinds of leadership styles. I can use both of my leadership styles, so long as I mix them properly, and create a successful environment for me to work within.


2 thoughts on “My Type of Leadership

  1. I like how you aren’t taking this test too seriously. I like to see that you are using this as a resource to evaluate yourself and your teaching techniques, but that you aren’t letting it define yourself. This is so important because, believe it or not, we teachers get critique and evaluated all the time, and it is important to know who we are and not let evaluations determine who we are.


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